No harm done, said the dealer after viral video showed young Samuel Affleck, his famous father and Jennifer Lopez in their misadventure.
David Hines, 29, used the money meant to support businesses impacted by the pandemic on the sports car, dating websites and jewelry, authorities said.
In addition to the $318,000 sports car, David Hines allegedly spent the money on dating websites, luxury stores and Miami resorts.
A van plowed into the back of the supercar after a mechanical failure forced it to stop on a highway in England, police said.
People on Twitter pointed out that the supercar joyride shows Adrian Zamarripa that crime does pay.
A Utah state trooper was surprised to find a “very underage driver” behind the wheel … who also had just $3 in his pocket to buy the sports car.
A “Photoshop Battle” broke out over the 2017 image of the pontiff signing his Lamborghini.
Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other pricey vehicles were destroyed as part of Rodrigo Deterte's anti-smuggling push.
But don't expect to see him driving around the Vatican anytime soon.