lame duck congress

The high schooler points out that the Judiciary Committee chair would have to step down if he heeded his own logic.
WASHINGTON, Nov 11 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate may hold a vote on a bill to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada
The lame duck session gives ousted legislators a chance to do something they dare not have done before the election: propose legislation that actually benefits constituents even if it means upsetting contributors.
As for some popular items that Democrats tried to use in their re-election message -- such equal pay for women who do the
HuffPost Politics Reporter Laura Bassett talks to host Abby Huntsman about House Republican leaders are now receiving pressure from within the party to pass an expanded version of the Violence Against Women Act in the lame-duck Congress.
Seriously? Both political parties talking preemptive smack barely a week after the election. Partisan politics? Again? So soon? Not even time to catch our breath? For crum's sakes, give it a rest, you guys.
The odds are no one will leap, and remarkably little of note will actually happen. But since the headlines are about to scream "crisis," what you need to understand coming weeks is a little guide to reality, some Cliff Notes for Washington.
Most of the major progressive organizations that make up the base, heart, and soul of the Democratic party are solidly unified in opposing the DC establishment and their version of a so-called "grand bargain."
Initial reactions from Republicans were not positive. The model offered most recently in that vein came out of President
This election is unlike any other in recent memory. Despite a lot of huffing and puffing, it is not about grand ideological conflict in America. It is more prosaic, but in its own way more urgent.
When taken month-to-month, January, 2011, was Obama's best month of his entire presidency. Not only did he finally get his bump -- but it was a truly significant bump.
It's completely adorable that the next Congress may "ban" the lame duck session, until it becomes necessary to give themselves a pay raise or impeach someone they don't like. No matter that Americans really, really approved of this past lame duck session of Congress. Who listens to them anymore anyway?
Barack Shellac hit the market to great fanfare in early November, the latest entry in the burgeoning Do-It-Yourself home-repair category. The early word: Here's a shellacking you won't find lacking. Our own findings: Don't be so sure.
What's astonishing is that the several unlikely legislative wins were accomplished in the waning days of the lame-duck session, when Republicans had every possible motivation to obstruct.
The Congress and the president took a lame duck session and showed that we weren't so lame after all. Now it's time for the incoming Congress to do the same and show the world America's strength.
Pundits are now beginning to say Obama is on a comeback, which is a stunning turnaround from less than two months ago, when the president sheepishly began using the word "shellacking" for the midterm results.
King continued, saying that the current actions of the expiring Congress, and particularly Democrats, were "characterized
University of Texas student Lucy Martinez watched from her wheelchair as the Senate moved to table the Dream Act today. The debilitated nineteen-year-old has passed the precarious 30-day mark of her hunger strike.