lana del rey

Chris Evans and Lana Del Ray have criticized Ye after he doubled down on his support for President Trump
In recent Facebook posts, Michael Hunt, 43, had referred to the singer as his "queen" and had spoken of "tak[ing] off" with her.
The songs share a similar — though common — chord progression.
Both Selena Gomez and Lana Del Rey recently made reference to the fleshy fruit. But why?
The image doesn't subscribe to the typical formula demanding women appear "iconic" to garner respect.
"Volunteered Slavery" is a Rahsaan Roland Kirk composition that has an infectious, funky lope to it, with Blake's raw tenor
While she sings of struggle and uncertainty--years toiling in Hollywood with little forward movement--Hannah now seems poised
Del Rey's new blonde 'do has completely transformed her look.
She reintroduces us to a time in pop-culture when the diary-style lyrics of everyone from Riot Grrrl musicians to Lilith Fair acts were allowed to enter the mainstream and take even the most macho radio listeners on catchy journeys into young women's most private moments and thoughts.
Are you a newbie at blogging? Do you want to get lots of hits? The best way is to write something that'll piss people off. One approach: Be super negative.