lana del rey

Somebody in Los Angeles broke into Del Rey's car to steal her laptop, which contained her new album and a book she was writing for Simon & Schuster.
Lana Del Rey saw backlash after wearing the covering to greet fans. She's hardly the first to wear one during the coronavirus pandemic.
The "Young and Beautiful" singer defied coronavirus guidelines for a poetry book reading at Barnes & Noble and got close with attendees.
The "Venice Beach" singer was accused of being racist after a fiery Instagram post aimed at her critics.
In an Instagram post, the singer-songwriter didn't hold back while unveiling plans for a new album. Her words drew a mixed response.
The singer sparkled for music's big night and had a fun story to tell about her sartorial shocker.
The singer apparently wasn't pleased with an NPR review that called the music "instantly compelling" and also full of "bad-girl flexes."
Chris Evans and Lana Del Ray have criticized Ye after he doubled down on his support for President Trump
In recent Facebook posts, Michael Hunt, 43, had referred to the singer as his "queen" and had spoken of "tak[ing] off" with her.