Lana Wachowski

The Netflix series, abruptly canceled last year, will return one last time.
I'm really glad we're talking about how that movie about resisting authority and asserting your identity is about gender identity. What bothers me is that for most people to notice, BOTH directors had to be trans.
For any child, living inside imaginary lands offers an escape, a place to pass the time. For a transgender girl struggling with questions of identity, the ability to imagine a place where people see her for who she is, treat her as a girl, and loves her as a daughter becomes essential for her survival.
We as a culture do not like women as autonomous beings. We do not support them -- sometimes we punish them.
What's funny is that the Wachowskis have given us familiarity here too, and people still don't like it. Maybe I shouldn't
When asked how long it took to create the now-famous scene Libreri said, “That shot was in the pipe for about a year and
The Wachowski siblings seem to have amplified just about everything in "Jupiter Ascending": the lofty battle sequences, the
Those unhappy that Hollywood has become a mass producer of worn out ideas should take note of "Jupiter Ascending." The new
Quick, when I throw out the name Keith David, what's your first thought? Him casting a suspicious glance towards Kurt Russell in The Thing? The fistfight with Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live? Face it, the guy's been around.
Andy and Lana Wachowski are being sued by Thomas Althouse for allegedly using ideas from Althouse's unproduced 1993 script