Lance Armstrong

Luke Armstrong explained why he wouldn't invite comparisons with his disgraced cyclist father in an ESPN documentary.
The disgraced cyclist got "Lance" off to a rousing four-letter start.
The former cycling champion was accused of defrauding his sponsor, the U.S. Postal Service, by using performance-enhancing drugs.
He's essentially the star of "Tour de Pharmacy."
Matthias Mentasti reads not only design-related books but also about world class athletes and tech visionaries to live big and do what makes him happy.
Despite continued efforts, the practice of doping persists and seems to be so entrenched in professional sports that no doping sanctions, however harsh, will be able to eradicate it.
Lying and lack of integrity have been equal opportunity labels with both parties in the game of politics, and the repercussions to individuals at fault have been few.
Stephen Frears' new biopic chronicles the cyclist's fall from grace.