Lance Bass

“I mean, he really took the majority of all of our stuff,” the former boy band star said.
The New Kids on the Block singer recalled the "horrible" experience of being outed after an ex-boyfriend sold photos to a tabloid.
The *NSYNC singer said his late 1990s relationship with the "Boy Meets World" actor was "a catalyst" in accepting himself as a gay man.
Lance Bass of 'N Sync meets with Ricky to discuss how he hid his homosexuality from his band and the public to protect his career and avoid ridicule.
If the breakup *NSYNC is still tearin’ up your heart, you’ll be happy to happy to see this reunion. This I promise you!
The NSYNC star did not, in fact, "have to do it."
The *NSYNC star said he's always thought of Spears as a "little sister," but didn't know the two really had (distant) family ties until now.
"I can not express how much love I feel right now," wrote the *NSYNC star, who had previously spoken about his desire to become a father.
The former NSYNC star and husband Michael Turchin found a novel way to let the world know.
The *NSYNC singer explained why the former "Bachelor" star, who came out as gay last week, is facing backlash from many in the LGBTQ community.