Land and Water Conservation Fund

The 4th of July, of all our national holidays, should be a time time when we can come together as Americans to celebrate
This is a slap in the face to millions of American families who use the outdoors for recreation, and rely on it for their livelihood.
How do we know? On Election Day, in a great demonstration of bi-partisan support, voters across America approved 69 funding
Our national parks, forests and wildlife refuges are the pride of our nation. They support millions of jobs and keep our
Colorado is taking a step in the right direction and, in Washington, D.C., Congress should follow that lead and provide the tools needed to protect many of the special places Americans will be visiting this summer.
Monday morning I woke up thinking that since my greatest desire is to inspire the American public with our national parks; the best way to do that might be to show the parks through the eyes of the family I've just learned is driving around the country in their RV exploring parks.
For the first time, TNC trustees from all 50 states and both political parties will visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday to tell their legislators that they need to fix this mistake as soon as possible.
Playgrounds, city parks, bike trails, municipal pools and a myriad of other facilities have been created or maintained through the LWCF. Thanks to this important funding stream, millions of Americans have access to the outdoors.