land grabs

The burning of villages and eradication of Rohingya communities might have more to do with development projects funded by China than with religious prejudice.
Global firms and local elites are taking land from farmers, which pushes them to cities, where jobs are few.
The farmers are only trying to do their best for their families given the current situation. But those misguided government
Daniel Pascual is a 42-year-old indigenous rights defender from Guatemala's K'iche' community. An activist from an early age, Daniel is the current coordinator of the Comite de Unidad Campesina (CUC), an ActionAid partner organization.
ActionAid is an international nonprofit organization working to free people from injustice and poverty around the world. Their
As the World Social Forum closed on March 28 with yet another march through downtown Tunis, many voiced one of its founding slogans: another world is possible.
Under the surface, investments all too often uproot lives and livelihoods for those who depend on small-scale farming, fishing and pastoralism -- more than 70 percent of the population in the case of Mozambique.
Make no mistake, the world's poorest and most vulnerable people -- the very people the bank has pledged to work for -- are the ones who will suffer if these draft safeguards are adopted.
Five members of a large landowning family employees attacked Roque Domínguez with machetes on June 29, as he was walking
For several years, the community has repeatedly rejected the dam project in town hall meetings and community assemblies, protested
* Virtually clearing their lands of outside logging operations, after their large-scale incursion of Lenca territories. Through
I want to talk about the role of women defending life, culture, and territories, opposing a model of death that grows stronger
  Consuelo and her neighbors live in homes made of blue tarps, surrounded by patches of corn and rows of African oil palms
* Join the US call for a moratorium on foreclosures and home evictions. Visit the National Fair Housing Alliance website
John Hantz may not be the last real estate speculator in Detroit, but he's decided the city is his yard. He won't stop grabbing at the city's empty lots until he owns them... or until he graces the supper table.
There is now a growing understanding of the international, wider context of large land deals. Researchers are also showing how the narratives of 'idle land', 'productive commercial agriculture' and 'backward smallholders' are being used by politicians and others.
Land -- rural or urban -- is more than just land; it is the space where social, economic and community decisions are made, and it is the place of neighborhood, culture and livelihoods. It is home.
Today, land access remains largely unfair and inequitable. Never has such a high percentage of the world's population been displaced from their indigenous or ancestral lands, left without land, a secure home, or the ability to feed themselves.