land o'lakes

Photos of members of the farmer-owned cooperative will replace the logo used since 1928.
The eight-term congressman has already lost support from a home state newspaper and the tech giant Intel.
I expect to pay high prices at the grocery store for pine nuts, imported tomatoes, and almonds, but butter always makes me do a double-take. When is expensive butter worth the price, and when can you trim the fat?
It's high time, I think, that we stopped forcing everyone to pore over our own vacation albums and, for once, take a peek at theirs. For example, what do tourists from abroad think of traveling here? Are they keen on American food, comfy in our hotels? Do they find it tricky getting around?
There is big news concerning an ongoing class action lawsuit accusing the nation's major battery cage egg producers of conspiring to use questionable animal welfare standards.
Since dairy cows are not afforded the natural act of mating with a bull, they are sent to an area of the farm called "the
Land O'Lakes has stated that they are investigating the issue and that they are committed to treating animals in their farms