While the oceans fill up with plastic waste, a horrifying crisis unfolds on land.
America is in the midst of what one official calls an "unprecedented" recycling crisis.
Compostable products still end up in landfills, where they do not break down any faster than regular plastic.
A lot of the food we throw out is edible -- and loaded with nutrients.
We have the power to change the system. It might seem like individuals cannot change something so big, but so many significant events in history have been started by the small actions of people.
But the state attorney general isn't having it: "The people of Missouri can’t afford to wait any longer."
According to Aaron Davis, recycling’s costing us more than it’s making us.
Here are just a few of our favorites from the thousands that were submitted. We hear about pollution constantly, causing
Since 2010, a landfill fire has been moving toward 8,700 tons of unlined illegally dumped radioactive waste in Bridgeton, Missouri. The site is in the middle of working-class neighborhoods, right next to the Saint Louis airport, and near a hospital, schools and a great number of businesses.
Anyone interested in the health of New York City (and the planet) should watch Trashed, a fantastic documentary directed by Candida Brady and produced, presented and narrated by Jeremy Irons.
Where does my trash go? This was the question that stuck in my mind and refused to go away. This is the question that I began to ask and began to search for an answer. My investigation began.
For those who follow Black colleges and the happenings at these institutions, you are probably familiar with Paul Quinn College
Things aren't going well. By Melissa Mahony, OnEarth After almost two hours at the plant, most of my questions about what
Perhaps you've heard of an elephant graveyard, but what about a boat graveyard? Does such a thing exist? Turns out it does, and New York City has one.