A diver’s video of a swim off the coast of Bali is exposing the shocking epidemic of ocean pollution in Indonesia and around the world.
Textile waste decomposes to produce potent greenhouse gases.
A new map shows where landfills are located in each state.
When these plants treat your wastewater they can also capture the methane and make electricity. Here is a short video from
When we fail to fight one injustice, we often fail to overcome any of them. It's time the environmental movement revitalize its commitment to justice as a core component of its mission.
The problem of low-income and minority communities being disproportionately exposed to chemicals, hazardous waste, and toxic
You can also make your own or start a community compost pile- If you were curious
Over the last few decades, we've taken great strides to make recycling of paper, bottles and cans second nature in many communities. But what about other items that also are a big part of our daily lives and deserve similar attention?
Isidore Recycling, founded by Kabira Stokes, recycles E-waste and gives second chances to people who have come out of the prison system.
Here at Schools for Sustainability Inc., we dream of a waste free world. In this world, all food scraps are transformed into nutrient rich compost yielding healthy crops, all aluminum cans are converted into new cans, building facades or bicycles, all plastic bottles are transformed into furniture, clothing, or home décor.
The world throws a lot of things away -- measured to be about 3.5 million tons of solid waste a day in 2013, a number expected
Talk about a win-win! The idea came to the scientists when they received a shipment of new laboratory equipment, and wondered
New York City's solid waste management practices call out for reform. Addressing the environmental and fiscal costs of garbage will require a bold redesign - one that should begin with how residents pay for trash disposal.
What if humanity actually committed itself, at the level of a national government, to learning from and working with nature? What if environmentalism didn't mean (only) marching in the streets, pumping one's fists or chaining oneself to a tree?
In April 2014, the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management will give notice that it is crafting new rules for
As clothing manufacturers and governments address waste in both the pre-consumer and post-consumer stages of the global textiles lifecycle, what can we easily do to reduce clothing waste -- and save money?