Confronted with aggressive landlords and layoffs, tenants across the country are trying to avoid eviction, debt and homelessness.
The West Coast city is getting more active about preventing homelessness.
Because as a renter, conflicts are inevitable.
It might be illegal for landlords to evict tenants because the government hasn't paid rent subsidies, but they might try it anyway.
Landlords are the wealthiest demographic in the U.S., while tenants often experience hardship. These sites aim to restore some balance to the relationship.
There's often room to negotiate a rental increase.
Signing a lease is a big step toward adulting, but you need to step carefully.
There is so much fear in you. You hope all of your efforts help them find their way. You worry constantly about their wellbeing, their confidence, their health, and their socialization.
Keeping landlords honest in New York City - or New York State, for that matter - is not an enviable task, given how common the less-than-honest ones are, but it's a job that nonetheless falls squarely in the laps of city and state officials.
For all the alarm about the “rise of the robots,” or “software eating the world” or the peril of climate change, one of the