The hardworking rodent found more than 100 mines and other explosives in Cambodia, and was awarded a prestigious medal for his lifesaving efforts.
The hard-working rodent detects landmines in Cambodia and has cleared more than 141,000 square meters of land.
The Duke of Sussex and Sandra Tigica discussed the progress that has been made to clear minefields, 22 years after Princess Diana's visit.
The move was part of a pact to reduce tension and build trust on the divided peninsula.
The Mine Kafon Drone maps, detects and destroys landmines more quickly and safely than any existing technology.
Afghan refugee and inventor Massoud Hassani has designed a drone that maps, detects, and destroys landmines faster and safer than any existing technology. He believes the Mine Kafon Drone can find and destroy all the landmines in the world in 10 years.