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Landon Donovan continues to be a good sport about his 2014 World Cup snub, following up his self-effacing EA Sports commercial
And when it comes to shaving, Donovan knows that doing the bare minimum isn't that ideal. "I realize now that when I train
How are you feeling right now? What did your recent sabbatical provide for you? I keep in touch with guys on the team. Jurgen
L.A. Galaxy forward Landon Donovan believes Major League Soccer (MLS) is ready to welcome openly gay players. In his HuffPost
Soccer star Landon Donovan joins HuffPost Live to discuss his need for a break from the sport due to mental exhaustion.
I recall distinctly the moment we received the news that my father had been diagnosed with skin cancer; it's not the kind of thing you forget easily. The bump on his eyelid that worsened quickly was more than just a bump, it was something that had the potential to change our lives.