Lands' End

Long story short, as a way to start to become (and to be perceived as) a global brand, the CEO launched an interview series
The company also discontinued a campaign to donate to a women's equality group.
I've been traveling for nearly a week in southwest England and have not seen an American. There are plenty of tourists but not a Yank in sight. This is Cornwall, where the last native speaker of the Cornish language probably died in the late 1700s. But there still is local pride.
You really do offer some incredible sales. However, your products take about three years to arrive, and by the time I do receive them, my daughter no longer wears that size.
Dear Lands' End, My nine year old daughter loves science; She especially enjoys learning about ocean life and outer space
In just a few short paragraphs, one mom has summed up the problem with gender stereotyping in kids' products. In response
We should start off by admitting that Lands' End is not a store we used to frequent that often. However, last week we stumbled
Conversely, GEICO's attention-grabbing TV ads, suggesting that switching over to their auto insurance was so simple that