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Waterfronts have the power to transform both urban and natural landscapes into works of art. Rivers, oceans, lakes, and even
Ever get the feeling that the world is turning upside down? We do, too. While a startling life event or surprise encounter
As for his choice of subject, Wagner says staying within the parameters of the German countryside wasn’t important to him
Photo and caption by colin mackenzie, National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest "Arctic Hi five." Two Polar bear cubs full of
We often live our lives confined to a minuscule part of this amazing planet. These photos will remind you of the most extreme parts of Earth that are out there.
Hebridean Sea III, Scotland by David Baker – Runner-up, Your view If you're in the UK, there will be a free exhibition of
Behold, a way to experience the beauty of the farm without milking a single animal. Wood's goal is "to create something dramatic