Did you know that Oregon is home to a whole bunch of epic places you would never believe existed in this Pacific Northwest State? Iceland or Utah maybe, but Oregon?
All photographs are copyright of Nicola Barnard Photography. For those of you who seek peacefulness and serenity, who seek
This tells the story of the road that circumnavigates this memorable and sparsely populated country - Iceland's Ring Road
The priests devised special tools whereby they ascertained various forces at work in a given space, and after numerous calculations
Planting shrubs and perennials in clusters is more attractive than scattering single plants around your yard. But, it's important
What makes a landscape a Zen landscape? In a well-known episode from Mad Men, Don Draper dreams up a Coke ad while meditating by the sea. Does this scene qualify?
Prince Nikolaos' inspiration for taking up photography came from his uncle, King Juan Carlos of Spain. "He took excellent
Officials in Salem said they cost too much and gave off "a barnyard aroma."
The exhibition at Fondation Beyeler focuses on Jean Dubuffet's idea of landscape, which in his hands can transform itself into a body, a face or an object. Portraits, female nudes and still lives turn into vibrant landscapes.
Images can challenge the authority of the mind over our reality. As long as we keep ourselves open to approach them with
"I have been saying this for more than thirty years now: we're destroying nature and with that, causing our own demise!" Lima's
Although Finding Equilibrium began as an exploration of the patterns, textures and colors found in the pristine waters of
This forager and photographer walks a fine line in his quest for wild mushrooms.
In Tokyo, the Meguro Sky Garden that opened in 2013 is not a bridge in the conventional sense, although it covers the intersection
Last weekend, the fourth edition of the Global Landscapes Forum was held alongside the the COP21 negotiations in Paris.
Pinpointing every breathtaking place on the planet could take a lifetime, but we think that these 5 otherworldly landscapes and awe-inspiring natural wonders need to move to the very top of your travel bucket list.
It's not surprising to learn that most mature artists can look back at their birthplace with the realization that specific past childhood influences and geographical elements continue to permanently encourage and impact their current work.