Did you know that Oregon is home to a whole bunch of epic places you would never believe existed in this Pacific Northwest State? Iceland or Utah maybe, but Oregon?
Little Kaiteriteri This whole area is full of incredible vistas and some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. The
Iceland's otherworldly stunning landscapes lie in wait. Every corner of this amazing country full of a wonderful variety
Feng shui thus shifted from being the prerogative of engineers and proto-home decorators to being the exclusive privilege
Rabbits and deer can turn your yard into an ugly mess of mangled plants and headless perennials. Use deer repellent and electric
What makes a landscape a Zen landscape? In a well-known episode from Mad Men, Don Draper dreams up a Coke ad while meditating by the sea. Does this scene qualify?
Originally published in Yatzer "Airwaves" photo by HRH Prince Nikolaos "A photographer's means and medium is light; without
Officials in Salem said they cost too much and gave off "a barnyard aroma."
The exhibition at Fondation Beyeler focuses on Jean Dubuffet's idea of landscape, which in his hands can transform itself into a body, a face or an object. Portraits, female nudes and still lives turn into vibrant landscapes.
The way we read an image is something instinctive, a spontaneous process that connects the image with its viewer. In the