More than 60 people have been reported dead after torrential rains battered swathes of southwest Japan.
Twenty-seven people have been reported missing.
The government has said more than 70 people are missing in China's latest industrial disaster.
Cellphone camera video of the disaster on state broadcaster CCTV showed a massive wall of debris slamming into the buildings
By Enrique Pretel and Sofia Menchu SANTA CATARINA PINULA, Guatemala Oct 4 (Reuters) - Despair in the search for hundreds
SANTA CATARINA PINULA, Guatemala, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Hopes faded of finding any remaining survivors of a massive landslide
Over 5,000 people fled the oncoming typhoon.
The world is watching to see if Modi can rise to the occasion and show that he is capable of rising above the sectarianism that plagues Indian politics to lead Kashmir into the bosom of a potentially kinder mother India.
Mudslides often have many contributing factors. Just check out this recent New York Times video (above). It points out that
Tearing down the slopes of the Brooks Range is actually a creeping landslide. And geologists and policymakers are in a scramble to address the issue that happened to strike Alaska's most vulnerable chord.
The exact cause of the Johnsons Landing slide is not yet known, but the district government said it began near a rain-swollen
* Search and rescue operation called off He said he had found his pregnant wife knee-deep in mud and had managed to pull
The Uganda Red Cross said it had sent a team of volunteers to assess the situation. Local authorities have said there could
The Papua New Guinea government has denied the quarry contributed to the landslide, but local villagers, environmental activists
Fear continues to linger in Fayette, the village closest to the epicenter of the earthquake in Haiti. A visit from scientists who are doing more than passing through with their instruments would be appreciated.