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Roland Kupers wants students to develop the kind of habits conducive to understanding their world in all its complexity. We
Play it Again Spirio How have you captured the real nuance of human performance? Additionally, Spirio presents a new world
A leading arts administrator, Moore is impeccably positioned to deliver this wide-ranging advice. Once a struggling artist
Multi-platinum singer Michael Bolton and Richard Clayderman cover "(They Long To Be) Close To You"--a '70s hit for the Carpenters written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David--for the Fathers & Daughters: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, presented exclusively at HuffPost.
Chris Botti: The trumpet doesn't care about the national anthem or anything, it's just going to beat you down every day. So you need to practice it hours and hours and hours a day; otherwise it will take control of you rather quickly.
The celebration honored some of the most prominent Chinese and Chinese American influencers in the world of philanthropy, despite the general perception that the Chinese are more thrifty then, say, their American counterparts. However, even a cursory look at some facts challenges that notion.
He is further looking to 'erase' the long held conventions of certain works for classical orchestras of selected repertoire for subscription audiences, for instance, that leads to a staid play list.
Music lovers will want to head up -- double time -- to Sonoma State University for a sonorous sensation. That verdant venue is now home to one of the most remarkable performance spaces in the country, Weill Hall at the Green Music Center.
LL: I started playing Chopin at a very early age [and] I always feel warm and delightful playing him. I can say I prepared
The recent news of the Philadelphia Orchestra's declaration of bankruptcy sent shock waves through the global artistic world. How could this happen to such a celebrated organization?
Reporting from Washington -- Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang denied Monday that he sought to insult the United States with
Top leaders in the performing arts sat down with Chinese cultural officials, only to find out that China seems to be addressing the issues head-on in a fearless way. At least so it seems, watching Yu Long.
2010-10-04-carnegie.jpgPrograms with the YouTube Orchestra, Dudamel and Lang Lang make it seem as if this classic hall is shedding its restraints.
Already a legend for his Flight of the Bumblebee on an iPad with the San Francisco Symphony, Lang Lang is announcing the release of Version 2.0 of his best-selling iPad-only app, Magic Piano.
Lang Lang used the iPad app Magic Piano, from Smule, to "play" his tablet. Ge Wang, the co-founder of Smule, told the Wall
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