From its start, Langar has served as an anti-segregation movement in its purest form. When the founder of Sikhi, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, established Langar, it was a revolutionary way to reject the caste system that prevailed at the time.
Deli Man is a lot of fun to watch. Not only does it provide a solid sense of history and the role of food in Jewish communities, there are poignant moments. One word of warning, however. Don't watch this film on an empty stomach.
The serving of free food or "Langar," is an important tenet of the Sikh religion. It originally meant cooking food to feed the needy and the homeless but over the years the concept has broadened and langar now means to cook to feed the entire congregation.
What we seek from religion is a sense of meaning, purpose, belonging; a stronger connection to each other. This is what seva is and this is what seva does.