language development

Next time you feel inept, just read this.
Closing the gap matters for several reasons. Most importantly, without access to high-quality childcare, infants and toddlers from low-income families face increasingly steep developmental challenges.
You gotta be kidding! Something new is on the market that many middle class families will want. It is called the Starling. It is a little microphone babies wear on their clothes to record the amount of language spoken to them. The cost? $129 dollars. Who will buy this?
At six months old, my daughter grabbed Goodnight, Moon out of my husband's hand and said "book." We looked at her, then each other, and laughed nervously. "That totally sounded like she said 'book,' but there's no way." She pointed to it again and said "book." There was no mistaking it this time.
Of all the Great Society programs, Head Start is perhaps the most popular. It provides center-based services to millions of very cute 3- and 4-year-olds, mostly children from disadvantaged families. If members of the public, educators, and policy makers know a single conclusion from educational research, it is that early-childhood programs have long-term positive impacts.
It's estimated that poor children, by the time they hit kindergarten, have heard 30 million fewer words than their more fortunate classmates. The Clinton Foundation's Too Small to Fail initiative is just one of the national efforts to increase the quantity of language that underprivileged preschoolers are exposed to. But is quantity enough?
Speak with your baby in a certain way, new research shows, and your baby is far more likely to pick up on language. The difference is big -- more than double the vocabulary by age 2.
My parents stayed together for us kids, but I chose not to. By the time my son celebrates his second birthday, his father and I will be divorced. Hourly, I battle between crowning that decision selfless or selfish.
Let's face it-- we live in a technological world, and babies need to be prepared for this from Day One. What happens if your child starts preschool and he or she is behind because they have not yet developed crucial electronic life skills, like touching a screen at exactly the right angle?