Lanny Davis

Defense attorney Lanny Davis says Cohen didn't lie under oath because he didn't ask about a pardon directly -- his then-lawyer did.
Lawyer Lanny Davis said Cohen's scheduled Feb. 7 testimony to the House oversight committee will be postponed.
The defense lawyer said Trump's "demonizing" of Cohen's family shows the president is scared.
The president's former "fix it" guy is apparently now pushing for the Democrats.
Lanny Davis says his client "does not want anything from Donald Trump."
Cohen is in "grave danger of being disbarred" for violating attorney-client privilege, Trump's lawyer said.
Davis claims Trump's former personal attorney "has turned a corner in his life, and he's now dedicated to telling the truth."
Davis was once a tireless defender of Bill and Hillary.
The former first lady's White House days taught her lessons that led to Servergate, and lessons that helped her put it to rest.