Laquan mcdonald

The board found that officers exaggerated the threat 17-year-old Laquan McDonald posed to justify Jason Van Dyke shooting the black teen 16 times.
Before the April 11 action, Black Lives Matter activists facilitated a retreat for about 100 Midwesterners who gather, annually
Yes human extinction - human beings are being extinguished in Chicago especially black humans. If you are black and live
Chicagoans are facing off with our own Mayor and elected officials over the reformation of a civilian oversight board - which
The artist opened up about his experiences for Vevo's "Why I Vote" series.
The eventual and tormented release of the Laquan McDonald shooting death video in January pulverized Mayor Rahm Emanuel's
The city's inspector general had originally recommended 10 officers be fired.
To the misguided folks, who use legalized murder of black men as an opportunity to publicly chastise the black community, shame on you! Valid concerns or not, the timing of your crusade will never be appropriate.
Kids are watching people, real people, die on their TV and computer screens. If not on cable news, then on YouTube, and no one can comfort them with the assurance that after the video ends the people they see will get up and go home laughing.
America is divided and hurting, and police-community relations is one big part of that hurt. But there will be no healing between black and blue, no unity, without justice. The cameras are not going away.
Only about 30 people showed up to the first of a series of four forums designed to gain insight into Chicagoans' true feelings towards their police department.
As a White person, I will never know the extent of this sort of pain. I can, however, offer some modest advice to other White folks who are trying to figure out how to be good allies on a day like today.
In one session, panelists hotly debated the virtues of zero tolerance discipline policies, and in another, the audience challenged
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