Lara Trump

Donald Trump's daughter-in-law even endorsed him during her guest-hosting gig on Newsmax.
The former president's daughter-in-law admits to being stumped by this strange message aimed at the Florida governor.
She said "pretty much everything" her father-in-law said had come true. Critics begged to differ.
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Donald Trump's daughter-in-law will no longer be a paid contributor at the network after his 2024 announcement.
Lara Trump received an awkward reality check about her father-in-law from Fox Business' Stuart Varney.
People "everywhere" are telling her, "please tell us he's running," Trump’s daughter-in-law claimed.
Donald Trump's daughter-in-law is facing backlash after posting a video of her son during the storm, which she called a "character building" exercise.
Twitter users torched the former president's daughter-in-law.
"It's fake news to suggest that the insurrection on Jan. 6 was just an innocent little get-together."