Lara Trump

The Republican National Committee co-chair said the "scales are always tipped against" the former president, who agreed to debate his Democratic rival.
Michael Steele tells Trump to "stop it" when it comes to this big falsehood.
The Republican National Committee co-chair's remarks ignored the former president's history of election denialism.
The former president's daughter-in-law wants to disenfranchise some Americans who vote by mail.
Donald Trump's daughter-in-law proved herself to be a political strategist without equal when she said the Republican National Committee has lawsuits in 81 states.
"Sounds like a perfect authoritarian election plan to me," fascism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat commented.
The former president's daughter-in-law gets put to the test — and comes up more than a little short.
She may have understated the allegations just a touch.
The former head of the Republican National Committee had some sarcastic advice for the former president.
Critics slammed the ex-president's daughter-in-law for comments on a right-wing TV network.