Lark talks to you like a friend and tries to keep you on track. It also encourages you to form good habits.
7. They may be nicer. 1. Morning people are happier. 4. They're more productive -- surprise, surprise -- in the morning. Also
After a while, Lark became the official product of the National Sleep Foundation and began selling in Apple Stores. "Eighty
Watch as founder and CEO, Julia Hu, discusses how she was inspired to take a common sleep annoyance and create a product to help people sleep better and achieve better overall health.
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What if one day, for no explicable reason, every single one of these people - people like you and me and everyone we know - suddenly broke that long-standing contract we've made with society to keep our thoughts to ourselves?
On Father's Day, and every day, I thank my dad for all he taught me, and all of the opportunities that he provided me. But as I run my business -- something that would probably surprise my childhood self -- I also often find myself asking, "What would dad do?"
When it comes to getting quality shuteye, everyone has their thing, whether it's a pitch-dark room, a favorite pillow or
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First semester is almost over: Did you make it to all of your 8 A.M. classes? Yeah, didn't think so. Students aren't the