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While patrolling the streets on Friday afternoon, Officer Jackie Selinger came upon a homeless woman holding a sign saying
“It’s not fair, but a lot of things in life aren’t fair,” Graf told the New York Daily News. “But I’m not going to sit back
How do we scale up these wonderful, individual acts to create a society where it is unthinkable that frostbite is common among the homeless? Or better still: Where it is unthinkable that anyone be homeless?
What are we to make of the morality tale of giving the homeless man a pair of shoes when the man is not homeless, has an undesirable past and has apparently discarded the shoes?
While Hillman’s story hasn’t unfolded with the happy ending supporters may have hoped for, observers say it shouldn’t detract
New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo offered a homeless man true human kindness -- basic goodness -- no strings attached, no dogma connected, no qualifications required or requested. Religions have been started with less.
Police officers and brass of smaller burghs take note: nowadays most New Yorkers show great respect to the NYPD. And not because they demand it with violence, bullying, or bossiness -- but because of officers like Larry DePrimo.
“This man’s face lit up like it was Christmas and like, he had just been given, literally, a million dollars,” Foster told
NYPD Policeman Larry Deprimo was caught on camera giving a new pair of boots to a homeless Manhattan man on a cold night. The image soon went viral.
PHOTO (Story continues below): Visit Newsday at "I had two pairs of wool winter socks and combat boots, and