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"We're going to keep fighting for the America John believed in everyday," McCain wrote after the coin toss.
The Detroit Lions assuredly have something to roar about this week. But that's not about them winning. Rather, it's about how they melted down in a precarious fashion as Carson Palmer led his Arizona Cardinals to a one-sided victory.
It's been all red for the Arizona Cardinals as they literally clobber their opponents and make a strong statement early in the season, sending a message to their division rivals and to the rest of the NFL: We're in it to win it.
Not long after Arizona's comeback victory, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. decided to vent about his son's lack of touches on Twitter
Contract restructurings have become a way of life in the NFL, particularly for teams with tight salary cap situations, because
As the position of quarterback continues its ascendency in the NFL, inevitably that benefits the wide receiver: The position
Athletes are acutely aware of the power that food has over the human body. When they're not training or competing, many of them are doing their part to make sure that no one is limited by hunger, malnutrition, or obesity-related health problems.
Fitzgerald, who will turn 30 before the season starts, caught up with The Huffington Post to discuss newly minted signal caller Carson Palmer, his friendship with Richard Sherman and his relentlessly healthy approach to life off the football field.
Speaking of corners, what have you noticed from the rookie Tyrann Mathieu? Okay, this is the question everyone wants to know