larry harvey

"Burners" mourn the free-thinking philosopher king of their pagan desert gathering.
Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and other advocates have worked for years to lay the foundations that have made these changes possible. We're making real progress, but until we pass the CARERS Act, state laws and the people they are intended to protect remain in jeopardy
"He fearlessly confronted the federal government head on and beat the Department of Justice."
Still, the U.S. Justice Department has offered guidance to federal prosecutors urging them to refrain from targeting state
U.S. District Court Judge Thomas O. Rice, however, rejected the motion earlier this month. At issue in the case is a historic
Rice disagreed and rejected the motion last week in Spokane. The Harvey family's trial is slated to begin next week. All
I just hope I can beat this cancer and live a little longer. I'm 71, I've got a few good years in me after I get rid of this
The measure in question is meant to "prevent" the federal government from interfering with states "implementing" their own
Harvey is currently barred from using cannabis in any form, even though its medical and recreational use are legal in his
"One must reasonably conclude that there is an accepted safety for use of marijuana under medical supervision," said a motion
McMorris Rodgers was one of 172 House Republicans who voted against the amendment. Seventeen Democrats also voted no. The
In August, Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued guidelines for all U.S. attorneys, saying it's "not an efficient use
"Larry and I lead a simple life," Rhonda said in her statement Thursday. "We chop down all of our own firewood so we can
Spark: A Burning Man Story attempts to give a comprehensive account of Burning Man by examining its history, the people who created it and are running it today, and those who sacrifice their time, effort, money, and more to create the art pieces and theme camps that make Burning Man what it is.
Any group or event seeking the Burning Man stamp of approval must adhere to the community's Ten Principles, which emphasize
Last week, 50,000 people gathered in a Nevada desert for Burning Man. "Why aren't you at Burning Man right now?" is a common question asked of those who are not there. Here -- "party pooper" alert -- is my answer.
One of Burning Man's Ten Principles is Radical Inclusion. "Anyone may be a part of Burning Man," its official website promises. And this year, even half the DJs planning to perform won't be able to get in.