Larry Hogan

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said the "lowlight" of the first GOP presidential debate left him "embarrassed and disgusted."
“The loss of Roy’s life is an absolute tragedy," an attorney for his family said.
McGrath allegedly defrauded the Maryland Environmental Service of more than $276,000. He's since become a wanted fugitive.
Hogan has been one of the Republican party’s fiercest critics of the former president.
“That would be a pretty good reason to consider not running, absolutely,” the former Maryland governor told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
Maryland's term-limited Republican governor is fueling speculation that he's likely to run for president in a growing anti-Trump lane.
"It’s like, three strikes, you’re out,” the Republican governor said after his party failed to take control of the Senate in last week's midterm elections.
"This should be a really huge year for Republicans," the governor said, warning it may end up being more of a GOP ripple than a wave during the midterms.
Outgoing GOP Gov. Larry Hogan slammed Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox for comments about former Vice President Mike Pence.
The Republican governor ripped into Michael Peroutka after a CNN report revealed he spread conspiracy theories about the 2001 terror attacks.