larry kramer

The former Everyday Sunday frontman called "1984" a "love letter sent to us from the LGBT community of the ’80s.”
Kramer wrote "The Normal Heart" and founded several AIDS-related organizations.
Unlike what we faced at every turn, at GMHC I was treated with human dignity.
It has been three decades since that photograph was snapped in the blazing Fire Island sun. I am powerless to bring any of those friends back. But I must remember their names. They must not be forgotten.
I am happy. I am frightened. I am worried. I am hopeful. I am happy because we can now get married. The lover I've lived
Unlike Bernie Sanders-- and certainly unlike any of the Republican candidates who seem to long for the bad old days when we were dying daily and AIDS was considered God's punishment for homosexuality-- Hillary Clinton has been there for people with HIV/AIDS.
I too want queerness to be more than about just sex -- because living in a world where Republican candidates still reduce our community to animalistic, immoral heathens, it does us no favors to reduce ourselves to this one tiny piece of who we are.
It took me more than a decade to quietly ascribe that culturally fraught term--lesbian--to myself, even longer to admit it to others. But finally, at 40 years old, through years of perpetual self-disclosure, the label feels as native to me as my own my own limbs. The thought of discarding it like an outdated dress feels more untethering than it does liberating.
During a recent half-hearted attempt to organize my life, I discovered a shoebox filled with old photographs. In one of them, four friends are lying contentedly on the soft sand of the Pines beach at Fire Island. The year is 1985. A decade later, I would be the only one remaining.