larry kudlow

OK, so there are "bumps," conceded the White House economic adviser.
“I mean, we’re paying people not to work. It’s better than their salaries would get,” the president's economic adviser told Jake Tapper.
Larry Kudlow contradicted a promise made by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to disclose the companies that received billions in coronavirus relief loans.
"Some doctors were more fearful. Other doctors had many different things to say," President Trump's top economic adviser told CNN.
Companies need confidence and to know they're legally safe if something happens, Trump's top economic adviser said.
How each person receives the money will depend on whether the Internal Revenue Service has their direct deposit information, the treasury secretary said.
Both President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee bragged about the stock market’s biggest one-day percentage gain.
“What's killing business, what's killing the average person emotionally is that they don’t feel there’s ... a strategy,” columnist Thomas Friedman told CNN.
Trump's top economic adviser insists that keeping the "economy going" is the "important point" while COVID-19 cases rise.
The president is reportedly eager to ease off the COVID-19 guidelines.