larry kudlow

"I'm being actually quite serious here," the former White House economic adviser said.
Fox said in a statement it takes "all allegations of misconduct seriously."
As the Green New Deal gains more traction in the United States, Republicans think it means that Democrats won’t let them eat meat.
The senator mocked Trump's former adviser's gaffe on Fox Business last week.
Kudlow suddenly "seems to have found religion" preaching against debt and deficits after the Trump administration flooded the nation with an ocean of red ink.
The distribution of the next stimulus checks could be delayed until mid-March.
Donald Trump’s former economic adviser doesn’t think you’re capable of making smart choices with your pandemic stimulus check.
"We’re not learning to live with the virus, Larry," the CNN host said, pointing out 50,000 new infections daily in the nation.
"Not enough time to get stuff done at this stage of the game," White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said.
Capital gains tax cuts are just what the economy needs, according to Kudlow.
The economic adviser accused Democrats of asking for too much in the next federal coronavirus relief package.
The House speaker, however, stopped short of saying whether Democrats would mount legal challenges against the measures.
He also told Poppy Harlow she was "nitpicking" when she read off a list of times he's been wrong about COVID-19, jobs and the integrity of U.S. workers.
"That is going to be part of the new package," the White House economic adviser told CNN's Jake Tapper.
The four-month federal moratorium, aimed at helping renters during the coronavirus pandemic, is set to expire at the end of July.
This is the same Trump administration official who said COVID-19 was "contained" in February.
OK, so there are "bumps," conceded the White House economic adviser.
“I mean, we’re paying people not to work. It’s better than their salaries would get,” the president's economic adviser told Jake Tapper.