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In the wake of high-profile sexual abuse cases in U.S. Olympic sports, the U.S. Center for SafeSport is now receiving an average of 239 reports a month.
Rachael Denhollander recently revealed that the first time she was sexually abused was at the age of 7 by a college student at her church.
The university will also have to overhaul its Title IX procedures in hopes of preventing future sexual abuse, according to the Department of Education.
The former USA Gymnastics team doctor argues that punishments for his federal child pornography conviction violate constitutional protections.
The five-time Olympic medalist wants the organization to do more than just apologize in the wake of the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal.
"You literally had one job and you couldn’t protect us," the Olympic medalist said at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships this week.
William Strampel is accused of using his public office to sexually harass students, in addition to willfully neglecting to monitor Nassar.
Lou Anna Simon was allowed to retire with benefits and a million-dollar payout even though she is currently facing criminal charges over the Larry Nassar sex abuse case.
Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Jerry Moran proposed the Empowering Olympic and Amateur Athletes Act on Tuesday.
Former gymnast Sara Teristi says Geddert watched as Nassar abused her at a gym in Michigan when she was 14.
Scott Blackmun failed to act when he learned about Nassar’s serial sexual abuse and even deleted emails on the subject, an investigation revealed.
Dr. Samuel Stanley Jr., the former president of Stony Brook, will be the fourth person to lead the school since Lou Anna K. Simon stepped down last year.
Erin Lee Carr's "At The Heart Of Gold" centers survivors instead of the disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor.
USA Gymnastics cut ties with Edward Nyman on Tuesday citing a "conflict of interest."
NBA executive Li Li Leung is the fourth person to hold the position in the last two years.
Angela Povilaitis and Andrea Munford didn't just want justice for survivors. They wanted to help them heal.
Marisa Kwiatkowski followed a tip about USA Gymnastics. Then her phone started ringing.
Looking back on the Larry Nassar scandal, we spoke to experts about how to address these difficult issues with kids of all ages.
Amanda Thomashow filed a Title IX complaint against the Michigan State University team trainer in 2014 -- but no one listened.
I had spent every waking moment doing everything I could to protect my little girls from something like this.