Lars Ulrich

The metal band is postponing eight shows in Australia and New Zealand as its frontman recovers from his battle with addiction.
Growing up in the sixties and seventies music was everywhere, it was all we talked about. It was the invitation; want to come over and listen to the new Creedence Record? Meet me at the record store?
I've had deep exposure to music history in the making by virtue of hanging around LA's famed Sunset Strip in the 1980s. Imagine my surprise to realize that two friends are wrapping up years of painstaking work on a cinematic history lesson of the early metal scene.
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What happens when a heavy metal legend like Metallica's Lars Ulrich puts his adolescent children in charge of the radio? Surprisingly
In fact, this summer, Cooper was spotted at Metallica's very exclusive concert during Comic-Con at the Spreckels Theatre
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