The "Baby" singer and wife Hailey teamed up for the joke on Instagram Live.
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"There is no such thing as perfect surgery."
After all of this, the actual laser is a bit anti-climactic. You stare at a green light for about ten seconds while a bunch
But if you're considering Lasik, you probably have some questions like, "Will I be laid up for days?" "Will it hurt?" And: "What are the odds it'll work?" Before you go under the laser, here are a few things you should know.
If you've just about had it with the glasses and contact lenses, perhaps you're considering laser eye surgery to correct
Bill Maher unloaded on Rand Paul during his monologue on "Real Time" Friday night. After pointing to some of Paul's views
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Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin shows "a lot of promise," Garcia said, and suggested she wear designs by Carolina Herrera
Call it the Lasik indicator. With the weak economy forcing consumers to cut back on discretionary spending, the number of