Does a celebrity dog recognize his or her own fame? And is he or she able to handle the notoriety? Clearly one of the best
Bill's son, Joe works with raptor birds and has traveled to the Far East to train birds for a falcon festival. Just your
If you are a therapist, member of the clergy, marriage counselor, or author of a book about relationships, Life in the Boomer Lane has some mighty bad news for you. For the mere cost of a movie ticket (and, of course, popcorn), one's marriage can be saved.
Shocked. Scared. Sad. This is how Oladayin Ogunsola described feeling when at age 10 Hurricane Sandy devastated her community of Far Rockaway, Queens.
One year ago, a series of devastating tornadoes tore apart Oklahoma homes, schools, child care centers and killed 48 people, including 19 children. Thousands of surviving children were thrown into turmoil. Kids lost friends and loved ones, the places where they lived and learned -- and their sense of security.
You're all Scott to me now. Well, I, dear readers, as painted by the piece I posted last week to mark the anniversary of
It's wonderful what dogs do for us. But the best part might be what they let us do for them.
Karen's newest children's book, "Best in Show," teaches children what it takes to raise a champion show dog. It's a great book for any child who loves pets.
From Achilles' horse to Lassie, animals provide moral authority and sympathy in fiction, often giving voice to the silenced
What if Lassie were a cat? We'd say it's the "age-old question," but we all know the answer. The cat wouldn't stand for the
Just when you think you've had enough of the well plowed crime-fighting genre, something comes along to remind you why cops-and-robbers have enduring longevity. One such example comes from Andrew Gross, a former co-author to a brand-name writer, the other is a mutt.
Thirty years ago, ABC-TV delighted and outraged sci-fi fans with its new series, Battlestar Galactica, a lovable beneficiary of Star Wars' success. Happy Birthday, BG!
The gentle reader meets three protagonists in this gun-crazy saga of a busted drug deal on the Tex-Mex border.