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"Different doesn't mean better or worse, it just means different." I strive to live and remember this every day, though for some reason when the topic arises of keeping your last name in marriage, many people are unable to respond in the light of this illuminating quote.
I intended the article to be a sweet little love story, but it certainly hit a nerve bigger than the sciatic. And I get it. The decision whether to take your spouse's last name, keep yours, combine both or pick a new one entirely is an important one.
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When I married my second husband--the love of my life--I did not want to change my name, so I kept Strauss. (Deep down I know he would love it if I changed my last name to his, though.)
By Mandy Walker for I consider myself a feminist. And yet, I took my husband's name when I got married over
Before splitting up, I remember hearing about other people who'd been through a divorce and kept their married names. It baffled me.
HuffPost Weddings Associate Editor Stephanie Hallett joins us to discuss the new trend of a man taking his wife's last name, and Jay-Z's cultural impact by doing so.
Once I reached 30, I was convinced I would never take another's name. I'd had this name too long, and after this many years, I've learned to love it. I know who I am with this name; I don't know a new-named version of myself.
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How sad that having different last names in marriage is no longer a progressive sign of gender equality but a socially accepted and presumed sign of divorce.
For her, keeping her name was a no-brainer, both professionally and personally (she also preferred her last name to her husband’s