Last Supper

Therefore, Christ is the model for what we are to become. This mighty Cosmic being who had never experienced this earth before
Let's recap this Last Supper deal shall we? First off, we have a former prostitute busting in on the meal, dumping some VERY expensive perfume on Jesus's head.
The rather small (30 in × 21 in) ethereal portrait of lady Lisa Gherardini is dated back to 1503, but seems to have taken
As we turn to 2016, we resolve to do more traveling, with an eye to experiencing the most spectacular, awe-inspiring artworks on the planet.
In Italy, I've been all alone in a room full of Botticelli paintings, with Bernini's "Apollo Chasing Daphne", with Leonardo's "Last Supper", and with two masterful Davids: Donatello's and Michelangelo's. Each experience was a kind of artistic climax, leaving me craving a cigarette.
If the display or broadcasting of creative works were reliant on a virtue rubric, then our museum walls would be nearly empty, our radio waves and streaming would run rather silent, our bookshelves would be quite bare....or chock full of posted disclaimers....?
One of my lasting memories from college is celebrating Passover with Chelsea Clinton. We shared the Passover meal with several friends, and during it I asked her if she had ever celebrated Passover.
Lecturer Roberta Mazza encountered the 1,500-year-old document while researching in the University of Manchester's John Rylands
'Tis the season for summer travel, but before you book your tickets, listen up: there's some information you should know about popular destinations. Travel experts share their insight on places that just aren't worth all the hype.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa isn't "leaning" as much anymore. "Straightening out" is the more appropriate verb -- the tower
Monsignor William Shomali, auxiliary bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, said the Vatican is not seeking ownership
Joining Pope Francis on his Jerusalem visit will be a rabbi and a Muslim dignitary -- Abraham Skorka and Omar Abboud -- who
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
For another unconventional "Last Supper," check out the photo these young Muslims composed as an interfaith tribute. According