Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The "Last Week Tonight" comedian roasted the president for being palsy-walsy with "murderous autocrats" after a fresh sexual misconduct allegation.
The "Last Week Tonight" host says Democrats must impeach the president even if they know it won't succeed.
"Last Week Tonight" looks at how screwed up the coroner business is and what it would take to fix it.
The "Last Week Tonight" host teams up with the Science Guy to deliver an urgent message about the planet.
The "Last Week Tonight" host offers a hilarious reenactment of a key moment described in the special counsel's report.
Why would the president choose such terrible appointees? Trump wants people who “will do exactly what he tells them to do,” Oliver said.
"We find something new to be outraged about online" every nine seconds, the host of "Last Week Tonight" says.
"Unleash Hell!": The "Last Week Tonight" team created a program to keep dialing all five commissioners with a special message from Oliver.
The "Last Week Tonight" host delivers an epic takedown of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.
The "Last Week Tonight" host pointed out that the president's border wall "would be expensive and completely ineffective."
The "Last Week Tonight" host also exposes the president's biggest unfulfilled promise.
The “Last Week Tonight” host is fine with Trump making immigration a focus of the midterms because it reveals the truth about his presidency.
The "Last Week Tonight" host said Trump and Mohammed bin Salman are “similar in some of the worst possible ways.”
"This entire process wasn't about principle," the "Last Week Tonight" host says about Kavanaugh's confirmation.
The "Last Week Tonight" host also singled out one "horrifying" moment from Kavanaugh's testimony.
The "Last Week Tonight" host calls the social network "a fetid swamp of mistruths and outright lies."
Oliver won his third straight Emmy for "Last Week Tonight."
The "Last Week Tonight" host mockingly reassured Trump after Giuliani's bizarre comments.
The "Last Week Tonight" host said one claim is "just flagrantly false."
Yet women still shoulder too much of the burden when it comes to abuse in the workplace, she says.