Last words

From "The Oath" and "Game Of Thrones" to getting stabbed IRL, Sean Bean explains it all.
Saying goodbye to a dying relative or friend -- what to talk about, when, and how -- doesn't come naturally to most adults. The irony: All these conversations ask of us, ultimately, is what people appreciate hearing at any time of life: words of candor, reassurance and love.
2. "You're right. It's time. I love you all." 4. "I hope I haven't bored you." The singer knew he was going to pass as he
Originally stopped for walking in the street, Michael Brown was shot a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, two days before
I discovered too late that I really knew so little about so many deceased friends and colleagues, and only found out about some of their remarkable exploits and achievements when reading their obituaries.
"Oh, I am so bored with it all." Said by Winston Churchill shortly before slipping into a coma. The British Prime Minister
The pole, at last He and his two remaining companions, Henry "Birdie" Bowers, a lieutenant, and Scott's dear friend Edward
What will you say on your deathbed? Hopefully, you won't say, "I wish I had watched more television." On the other hand, you
the last words of executed prisoner troy davis
A writer's life revolves around always knowing what to say and how to say it. But in the face of death, you'd think fear
Terry Breverton selects some of literature's most memorable farewells, from Samuel Johnson to James Joyce Read more on The
Sometimes we remember nothing more than someone's last words.
Just shy of three months ago, George Carlin's "sortabiography" Last Words was published. Since then, not a single radio show, morning show, or late night talk show has offered a few minutes of airtime.
Calling George Carlin a "comedian" describes his work as inadequately as "painter" describes Francis Bacon or "guitarist" BB King. No one understood better that comedy at its best is a dark and beautiful art.
It's foolish (and counter-productive) to constantly pursue pleasure as an end in itself. Happiness, they say, is a by-product of satisfying work.