Damascus By Night As Seen From Mount Qasioun  The Ugaritic alphabet is the earliest known alphabet that was used in the semitic
News reports said two of the journalists are from the state-funded RT satellite TV channel and one from the state news agency Tass.
It was the worst bombing in the city since the war began.
"They are getting better at fighting," he said. "A local person from here, he doesn't fight well -- he doesn't have the experience
“We are very concerned about extremism in Syria, and are working to isolate extremists and bolster moderates,” the official
And in the areas that were attacked, there is a sense that, were it not for the army's continued vigilance, the massacres
My mom was here in the house with me. She came out of the house first, and I was behind her. We saw the three fighters just
Assad has deployed extra forces in the region and the air raids reflected an urgent priority to protect the main region of
I wanted to share my stories with you, so that you might know a land and people beyond distorted filters of violence and destruction.
In its economic heyday Lebanon was touted as the example of what a modern Middle Eastern nation should look like. Today, as other nations in the region, among them Syria, face similar problems the country is again being pointed to as the example to follow.
Around 600 Syrians also crossed over into Turkey in the last 24 hours bringing the total number of Syrian refugees in Turkey
The night raid, along with the killings of at least 15 people in violence in two areas near the capital, underlined the threadbare
Fortunately, after agonizing weeks of crippling and damaging hesitation, the Obama Administration finally dragged itself out of its self-imposed policy coma into championing global sanctions of Syria's oil and gas industry exports.
In Syria, there were massive demonstrations in every major region and in every major city.
Despite economic isolation and growing international outcry, Bashar al-Assad knows he's safe -- by our statements, we have signaled to him that he is "too big to fail."
If Obama could declare it was time for Gaddafi and Mubarak to go, the latest violence throughout Syria compels the White House to issue the same demand on Assad, with policy prescriptions to back that demand up.
While their peers are still focused on playground games and cartoons, a pair of Syrian children have become the talk of their