late-night snacking

Do you ever postpone dinner because you're in the middle of a project? Or skip breakfast because you overslept? As long as you avoid binging later on, it's no big deal, right? Well, maybe not.
Late night snacking just got a makeover and guess what?! It's delightful! Check out my list of recipes that makes snacking
If it's past your bedtime, it might be best to steer clear of the fridge.
Because under-the-influence eating is a universal truth that no one is immune to, we asked several great chefs around the country to give us the scoop on what they eat after they imbibe. Even folks like Justin Warner can fall prey to 1am 7-Eleven taquitos.
The participants' brains responded to both sets of images with spikes of activity -- and unsurprisingly, there was a greater
This flowchart guides you on a mystical journey to the snacks you're destined to not remember eating.
Recent research suggests that night owls are at increased risk for gaining weight because they're likely to snack late while
Why is sleep the missing link for weight loss? I've got one word for you: hormones.
Late night snacking almost never falls into the good snacking category and is usually driven by cravings or habit rather than legitimate hunger. Here are a few tips to help you break the habit of late night snacking.