late night television

The arrest of Roger Stone gave late-night hosts plenty of laughs.
Colbert, Noah and Meyers didn’t not make fun of President Trump’s lame excuse for appearing to let Russia off the hook for election meddling.
The ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actress will produce and host her own late-night program on E!
After President Donald Trump announced he would be handing out awards for “the most dishonest & corrupt media awards of the year,” “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is placing a bid for a nomination.
A lady ruling late night. Can you imagine? Our small brains are up to the challenge, are yours?
NBC speeds up late-night transition: Jimmy Fallon immediately replaces Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show; Seth Meyers replaces Fallon; Leno replaces Barbara Walters on The View; Walters joins the cast of Duck Dynasty.
Later during the segment, Matthews joked about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's weight. He said Christie once called him
Wednesday, Samantha Bee fielded questions about her career at The Daily Show. I asked about the perception that TV writers' rooms are largely "boys clubs" that have no place for funny females. Her answer was extremely telling.
The past few weeks, late night television has never been funnier. Or, more vindictive. Conan O'Brien taking shots at Jay Leno and NBC. David Letterman taking shots at NBC and Jay Leno.
Another celebrity was caught with a girl under his desk. Who cares?
As Booker said in banning O'Brien from the state of New Jersey yesterday, "We in New Jersey roll hard, we roll strong, and we roll together." That includes