Late Show with David Letterman

When someone dies it's such a private time and yet so very public. That's how I'm feeling about the loss of my job. We didn't sit shiva only because CBS kicked us out so fast.
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I'm saying goodbye to an old friend tonight. He doesn't know it, but that's okay. There will be millions of other people at the party, watching the last broadcast of Late Show with David Letterman.
After Johnny Carson left, it was difficult to imagine that someone fresh would appear on late night TV until David Letterman came along. Other shows and hosts had their moments. But Letterman seemed indefatigable and slightly nuts. Some of it didn't work. But most of it did.
In the early evening of May 20 the words "used to be" will be grafted to the end of my name. I will be referred to as "the former director" of Late Show With David Letterman. Along with the name change, comes the surrender of an all-access pass to New York City.
If I headed any network, I would never let a comedy treasure like him retire. David is still at the top of his game and has so much more to give. If he doesn't want to work nightly anymore, perhaps one of the networks can get him to do a few specials each year.
Let's talk about Hal Gurnee, who directed David Letterman for many years. As one of the best directors Letterman ever had the pleasure of working with, here's a little something about how Gurnee got the late-night talk show off the ground each day.
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