latina women

Latina women are losing $25,217 a year due to the wage gap.
The 29-year-old political newcomer is ready to advocate for people "who don’t have a voice."
Lee says colleagues have questioned her competency and even the legitimacy of her credentials. "It's these type of micro
As Americans, we know the overwhelming impact incarceration has on our children and our communities. No longer can we afford to sit idle on the sidelines with bated breath and watch our communities deteriorate. Instead, we must place stronger demands on our government.
Look, not all Latinas are loud but if we are this comment will get you nowhere. When on a date with a Latina please don't
Despite the demographic explosion of Latinos in the country, there are still many glass ceilings that need to come down for them in TV and in Hollywood. It is within this context of implicit bias and decades of stereotypes that denigrate Latina wisdom.
For many Latina immigrants the only option for healthcare services is through women's health clinics. The closing of these clinics by state-level anti-choice policies leave our Latina sisters without options.
This month is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It is particularly important to us here at NCLR because of the impact it has on the Latina community.
While Marianismo may have been an obstacle to the success of Latinas, this Latino value no longer has to be viewed as negative because Latinas are changing statistics and breaking boundaries every day.
As the saying goes, little girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Dieppa had a breakthrough experience in a