“This is affecting not only the mothers but the next generation," Dr. Nancy Krieger, lead author on the study, told HuffPost.
When you see pregnancy in movies and mainstream media, it’s usually packaged as a universally pleasant experience with a
Because all-female reboots should be empowering for Latinas, too.
In the early 70's I attended the University of New Mexico. Racial and ethnic divides, as well as the Vietnam War, were the
The perfect things for all your favorite brujas, chingonas and cabronas.
Joselyn Mendoza, hair tied up in a neat bun, looked completely at ease as she combed a customer’s hair at the Parisien Beauty
Equal Pay Equal Pay Today Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union Did you know that tipped workers are paid a separate, lower
A strong, thriving republic is not one where privileged groups of people enjoy the benefits of liberty and others remain
“If we wait for the wage gap to close itself, Hispanic women will have to endure more than two more centuries of pay inequality.”