Q) Why the title Die Laughing? A) I worried that older people might be offended by that, or that younger people might be
There's so much stress and pressure on parents and kids today, we forget our sense of humor. We need to have fun time with our kids so they become resilient, enjoyable, and find time with us as pleasant, loving people who are great to spend time with.
"Laughter may be a simple behavior, but it’s also a powerful tool."
Whoopee cushions were a major culprit in the 2016 Cost of Laughing Index increase. The wholesale price rose 9.52% to $5.75 a dozen. In other words, whoopee cushions were hit with inflation. Upsetting? Sure. But just take a deep breath and don't blow it into a big problem.
Sometimes my laughter was fake. Sometimes it was real. But it didn’t matter. It all made me feel good.
As a part of the HuffPost Happiness Challenge, a few of our editors joined a laughter yoga class given by instructor Francine Shore at The Laughter Yoga Salon. Laughing is known to have several health benefits, including improving your immune system, relieving pain, reducing stress and boosting your mood.
Even a forced laugh can have a profound effect on our health.
There are few sounds cuter than a baby's laugh. When they get going, their belly laughs and giggles will make anyone smile!
Most dogs love a good belly rub... but Bowser the miniature dachshund really loves them.
They say hindsight is 20/20. I am gaining perspective on the decade I exited a few months hence. In some ways it was my least favorite. In some, one of my more dear. If you can have favorites for that kind of thing. So what did I learn?
Then there was the day she made me choke on my morning coffee relaying how she learned what f*&k meant. I'm not kidding. As
Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to keeping us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally young as we
Not ready to try meditation? Try to practice slowing your breathing down to four to six breaths per minute. Regular practice of this technique has been shown to build both your stress resilience and your willpower reserve.
If you think the sounds of joyful, happy, beautiful giggles can't make you feel uncomfortable, then you thought wrong. For
While most people fret with each passing birthday, good-humored individuals take it all in stride. Those "over the hill" cards
Books are amazing things. When we read fiction, we can get strong emotional reactions. It's so common that we need to step back to even realize that it's mysterious. Why would we ever feel real emotions and laugh because of a made-up story?
Hundreds of women in Turkey and across the world are posting photos of themselves across social media laughing, in defiance of Turkey’s deputy prime minister Bülent Arinc.