The troupe that would become Monty Python and affect comedy as profoundly as the Beatles affected popular music, worked separately
Have a broken TV? Shattered? Won't turn on? No matter what the problem is, the TV Ambulance are here to help! Check out what
I always figure if I ever go to prison I can still make theater with dancing my hand against the cell wall. But that would imply a room with a view so that light could shine in--- I guess I better not get busted till I tire of the magic of shadow puppetry.
Anderson Cooper set out to make fun of co-workers’ annoying habits during Monday’s airing of CNN’s “AC 360.” Little did he know, he was the actual target.
The University of Colorado Boulder’s Humor Research Lab (yes, that’s an actual thing) has created a Humor Algorithm to determine
Who would have thought that a can of jellied cranberry sauce would provide the perfect medium?
I need to blow off some steam and where better to head than to LA's hottest FREE hotspot, Runyon Canyon? It's LA's equivalent to Everest's base camp: a smorgasbord of dogs, celebs, trannies, sweaty shirtless bods, gangsters, strollers, and every cliché LA has to offer.
It's just people laughing, sure, but it's still. so. nice. LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo. WATCH: This is one of those videos
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