The comedian had some fun telling the story of his night at a 1989 screening with the beloved royal.
The Fox News host's high-pitched cackle receives a "Daily Show" supercut, complete with movie clips thrown in for good measure.
He knew. Then one day came "The Event", as it became known. Daddy bided his time and began preparations. He went to several
Meryl Davids Landau is the author of the new book, Enlightened Parenting: A Mom Reflects on Living Spiritually With Kids
By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld and Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education If you have any
Tony Robbins is a firm believer in the benefits of heightening energy through movement and using music to help his audience
I was warned that open-heart surgery at his age, 88, was not a slam-dunk by any stretch. I should prepare for the worst. I
Forget hurricanes Fantasy Fest is hitting town. This is our Halloween and it lasts ten days. It's all about nakedness and
To save you the effort of trawling through tedious studies, I've picked out five alternative tasks that can improve your health -- without dieting or exercise.
A UX designer, an engineer, and a product manager are walking on the beach discussing a project. They stumble upon a mysterious lamp partially hidden in the sand, which (of course) the designer picks up and rubs. Suddenly a genie pops out and gives them each one wish.
The IV bag hangs from a plastic seahorse suspended on a steel pole. A life-saving poison slowly drips through the plastic
He also shared a refreshing take on what it "feels" like to be in his 90s.
I let go of what a marriage is "supposed" to look like and, instead, created a different way of loving the man in my life. I'd like to share with you seven keys that I believe are the foundation of a fantastic marriage.
Creativity is the ability to see what other people can't. How can you be creative when your sight is clouded by an overbusy
This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to do some cross-country traveling on airplanes. Each one propelled me high into the
5. Find Laughter. We all need to laugh and it’s been shown that laughter cures most everything. Rent an old funny movie. Find
This article was originally posted on Inverse. In his book, The Emotional Lives of Animals ecology and evolutionary biology