I wasn't supposed to be here, but as long as I have the mic, consider this a safe space for you to say what needs to be said.
The billionaire Amazon founder was joined by his brother Mark, aerospace pioneer Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen.
Marketing in today's noisy world requires you to be hyper-aware of new techniques and the tools to ensure your success. In fact, you have to use all the tools available to you to stay sharp, develop powerful strategies and fine-tune your plans.
It's funny that some entrepreneurs forget that they are actually selling to people like themselves. People are busy, they have things that matter to them. They don't move around thinking "What should I buy next?" or "I wonder who's got the next juicy offer?"
People have had it with glossy big launches. It's all too much. It's "6 figures" this and "funnel" that. The intimacy has gone.
I don't know if you're noticing it like I am, but podcasting seems to be inching its way closer and closer to mainstream media.
With the emergence of equity crowdfunding and the recent liberalization of startups, novice investors and entrepreneurs alike are drawn to risky endeavors.