Laundry detergent

Despite warnings, poison control centers still get about 40 calls a day. Here's what parents can do.
There is no antidote for poisoning caused by exposure to laundry or dishwasher detergent. The focus of treatment is to dilute
My wonder and excited anticipation of the unexpected have not diminished one iota since the days of waiting for my prom date to arrive, or for the impending birth of each of my children.
Here's my request to conventional dudes: Ditch the chemicals. Lose the antiperspirants. Ban the synthetics in deodorants
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I will admit I was one of those clueless freshmen, unsure of where to put laundry detergent or how much to use in the first place. I was plagued by cartoonish fears of returning to a washing machine overflowing with pink suds.
Free of chlorine, sulfates, parabens and other nasties.
From Mother Nature Network's Matt Hickman: Now, you probably have enough to worry about as it is with geese colliding into
Interestingly, officials have said the soap isn't being used for any reason other than its intended purpose: cleaning clothes